Peer Support Networks

Apart from the online public service platform, the Family Frontiers and the Foreign Spouses Support Group also manages and curates a range of close-knit peer support networks based on the needs of the community. The peer support network follows a strong community engagement where the community supports one another and runs the group. Some of the peer support networks set up and managed by Family Frontiers include:

  • Network of Malaysian mothers seeking citizenship for their children
  • Network of Vietnamese spouses of Malaysians
  • Network of spouses in their application for Long-Term Social Visit Pass
  • Network of spouses stranded overseas
  • Network of single spouses (separated, divorced or widowed spouses)

If you are a part of the community that Family Frontiers serves and you wish to join any of our support networks, do fill the form below and a representative will be in touch with you.


    Support Group Selection

    *You may select more than one depending on need

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