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How do I apply for an ‘endorsement to work’? (Including checklist of required documents and necessary forms)

As of January 2021

  • Confirmation letter from company + RM10 stamp duty from LHDN | Surat pengesahan jawatan dari majikan + duit setem RM10 di LHDN
  • Company registration (SSM MyData/ e-Info print out) + business license from government agencies, e.g. DBKL + income tax statement | Pendaftaran syarikat yang terkini (cetakan SSM MyData/ e-Info) + lesen perniagaan + penyata cukai pendapatan-
  • Permission to work letter from spouse | Surat kebenaran bekerja daripada pasangan
  • Copy of recent passport and visa | Salinan passport terkini pemohon


  • Both the husband and wife need to be present when submitting the application
  • The Immigration officer will contact the company for verification of the applicant’s position in the company
  • The Immigration officer is allowed to submit additional documents if needed
  • An incomplete application will not be accepted