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What is the procedure to apply for citizenship?

The applicant is required to go to the counter at the Citizenship Division of the Putrajaya JPN headquarters or state JPN headquarters/branch, bringing along originals and copies of required documents.

All applications for citizenship matters require the use of original forms. Forms may be obtained from the Putrajaya JPN headquarters or state JPN headquarters/branches. Application forms for registration of birth in a foreign country and renunciation of citizenship may be obtained from consulates abroad.

There will also be a BM Proficiency Test:

  • For those below 50 – There are two parts to it: 25 objective questions on grammar and a 1000 word essay.The essay topic will be on life or tourism in Malaysia in general. Standard of exam is of PT3 (Form 3) exams of Malaysian government schools. You need to study standard 6 and form 3 Malay grammar and essay books. The exam is only to test your Malay language.
  • For those above 60 – it would probably be just an oral exam.

You will receive a blue IC, and are required to renounce your own country’s citizenship (as Malaysia practices Single Citizenship) and use a Malaysian Passport.