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What is the process to apply for a Student Pass?

The whole process for a Student Pass is fairly long hence please read this carefully and plan your schedule accordingly. if this is your first time, it is advisable to undertake this process 3 months ahead of the school term. The list of required documents can be seen in the following Question 3.


a) As a first step, please get a medical insurance coverage for your child, as it is a pre-requisite when applying for the Student Pass. Many insurance companies offer it such as AIA, Allianz, AXA, Prudential etc (you can enquire with your insurance agent since there is no preference by the government on the insurance provider).

b) While in the middle of the insurance process, you can go to the Jabatan Pendidikan/ Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah nearest to your IC address (this can be easily Googled) to get a Pink Form and checklist, and get clarification on when can you submit this Pink Form (as this submission date is not just any day that you are ready with all the documents)

c) Then, follow the checklist of the Pink Form and bring all those documents to the school you wish to enrol your child in, for them to verify your documents.

d) You may also consider making an appointment with the Immigration Office approximately 1 month ahead so when you have all your documents in order, you will have a ready appointment with Immigration to submit the documents.


a) Only after verification by the school, you can return and submit the documents as per the Pink Form to the Jabatan Pendidikan/ Pejabat Pendidikan Daerah (PPD)

b) The Jabatan Pendidikan/ PPD will give you a date to return to the office and check on your application status around 2 weeks from submission. You will then find out whether there is a vacancy for your child. If approved, you will need to make a payment at the relevant Jabatan Pendidikan branch.

c) After payment, you will then receive a letter from the Jabatan Pendidikan/ PPD to submit to a set of documents to immigration (this is a different set from the set submitted to the Jabatan Pendidikan/ PPD)

d) Proceed to Immigration as per your set appointment and submit your documents. The Student Pass may be granted on the same day itself.


  • If you were rejected by the school due to maximum capacity, you will need to repeat steps B onwards again.
  • Suggestion: Please consider schools that may not be the most popular because if local parents already find it difficult to enrol their children in such schools, it may dampen your chances further.
  • Please have the originals of your documents on the day of submission and please ensure your documents that are not available in English are translated into English and verified by your respective Embassy.