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What’s the procedure for PR?

  • Go to the “Permit Masuk” counter at the Pass and Permit division at the immigration branch where you applied for your LTVSP.
  • Get a number ticket and wait your turn.
  • You will be required to show your passport and all your previous LTVSP in order for the immigration officer to verify your eligibility.
  • If you are eligible, the officer will pass you the checklist and application forms.
  • Kindly note that the forms are in BM and it would be best to fill in the form in BM.

Below are documents required to be submitted as listed on the checklist:

  1. Entry Permit Application Form (IM.4)
  2. Form (IMM.270)
  3. Passport sized photo with blue background: You will need 4 copies. One picture will be placed on the ‘Surat Akuan Sumpah Perkahwinan’ Form (Declaration of Marriage). You should also bring a photo of your Malaysian spouse.
  4. Marriage photo or family photo
  5. Applicant’s Birth Certificate: Photocopy and original (required for verification)
  6. Applicant’s Passport Pages: Photocopy of each passport page, including the first page, travel stamps and all previous LTSVP. Empty pages are not required. Original passport is required for verification.
  7. Malaysian Marriage Certificate: Photocopy and original (required for verification)
  8. Overseas Marriage Certificate: For those who registered their marriage overseas. Both photocopy and original (required for verification).
  9. Surat Akuan Sumpah Perkahwinan form: This is the same as the one you submitted for your application and renewal of your LTSVP. You will need to fill in all the required information and visit the Commissioner of Oaths office to do some stamping.
  10. Death / divorce certificate from your previous marriage (If Any)
  11. 1 Malaysian sponsor Photo: You will need 1 passport sized photo of your Malaysian sponsor with a blue background.
  12. Malaysian sponsor’s MyKad: Both photocopy and original (for verification) are required
  13. Malaysian sponsor’s birth certificate: Both photocopy and original (for verification) are required
  14. Malaysian spouse’s passport page (if married moverseas)
  15. Applicant’s children’s MyKad & birth certificate: Both photocopy and original (for verification) are required
  16. Applicant’s Children’s passport: Both photocopy and original (for verification) are required
  17. Security bond receipt: You should receive a receipt after you have made payment for your security bond during your first LTSVP application. Both photocopy and original (for verification) are required
  18. Proof of Residence: You can either submit a photocopy of your water or electricity bill in order to prove your residence address. Do remember to bring along the original for verification.
  19. Cover Letter: You will need to submit a letter of application in Bahasa Melayu. In the letter, you must mention your name, passport number, your spouse’s name and MyKad number, and the purpose of the letter.
  20. Malaysian sponsor’s proof of income: This can be a few months payslip
  21. Malaysian sponsor’s proof of employment: The company HR can issue an employment confirmation letter to prove employment.
  22. Company Registration (If Self-Employed)

It is recommended to get the documents ready before you visit the immigration office. But unlike the LTSVP, you do not have to visit the immigration too early because the queue should not be very long as there are not many people who are eligible to apply for PR in Malaysia.

You then submit the PR documents at the State Immigration Department. After submission, both you and your spouse have to wait for the Interview Call, then another longer wait for the Police check. You can track the progress on the Immigration website.